Version 5.118 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2024-04-25

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Plan Dates
  • Move Plan Start Date|Users can now move the base plan start date backward in time. Select Edit Plan Start Date from the plan actions menu under Plan Dropdown, Manage Plans. Moving the date forward will still require the use of the Update and Promote flow.
  • Fixed an issue on touchscreen devices, like iPad, where users were unable to hide/unhide chart items via the legend.
  • Fixed an uncommon issue where users were unable to save a 0% value if the input was previously blank.
  • Improved Accessibility on the Login Page by adding appropriate alt attributes to images and form inputs, ensuring proper ARIA roles utilized, enhancing keyboard nav and focus management, verifying contrast ratios for text and background colors, etc. General housekeeping.
  • Added accessible headings and styles for What If flows.
  • Stock Grant Liquidation|Enhanced the user experience by changing the liquidation type labels for clarity. From Fixed Amount to Fixed Amount Recurring. From Number Of Shares to Number Of Shares Recurring.
Stock Grant
  • ESO - Sell percentage of the shares to purchase the rest issues resolved.
  • Potential IHT Insight|Redesigned UI Charts and Report to include yearly analysis of before benefits, death benefits, before taxes, Inheritance Tax, Estate Distribution, and Net Estate.
  • Potential Estate Tax Simulation and Report|Extended Timeline to Plan End
  • Users can now edit expenses added by their advisor via AdviserGo- previously a user was able to edit expenses entered in ClientGo only.
  • Feature Key Descriptions|In the admin console, feature keys now have descriptions in a new column.
Year View
  • Improved the Year View data for RSUs by removing some unnecessary information.
  • Plan Facts Report | Update windfall value such that it does not have the per month indicator since it is not a monthly value.

Version 5.117 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2024-04-25

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Inline Help
  • Inline Help can be set on by default by administrative user or Voyant support by enabling the feature key enable-inline-help-default (requires feature key learning-system, can subsequently be turned off persistently by the user if desired.)
  • Property and Multi-year expense timing are now defaulted to the plan end event and not the last mortality event.
Stock Grant
  • Improved the user experience by simplifying the inputs for stock grant. Stock grant now only needs the remaining shares to be modeled.
  • The A11y report option now provides a zip with chart data, as well as the A11y report pdf.
Guided What If
  • Buy A Home and Rightsize Guided WhatIf| now default the property timing to plan end. NOTE that changing owner of property will not impact timing.
Year View
  • Corrected a situation where Year View showed No Investment Data Available for nnnn (where nnnn is a valid year in plan with investment data) such that the phrase only appears when there is no investment data for the selected year.

Version 5.116 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2024-03-28

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

  • Updated Social Security Insight
    • Add more space above estimates table
    • Take mortality age and investment growth rate from Plan Preferences
    • Default to both primary and spouse in the dropdown if present
    • Filter out anyone who is older than 70 since it is too late to begin collecting
    • Investible Excess: if 0, then show N/A (can check if 0 from sim response → data → investibleExcess)
    • Breakeven Age: Show both ages
    • Add popover chart
    • Show chart even when breakeven age is greater than
  • Add person icons to the x axis on the chart.
Tax Calculation
  • Single Year Expenses and Goals may now be designated tax deductible.
Market Assumptions
  • Updated the Assetmark Long Term and Intermediate Term Market Assumptions.

Version 5.115 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2024-03-28

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Animation Updates
  • Updated the engine that supports animated transitions in the app which also provides for increased application security.
  • Roth Conversion Insight|Added accessibility support for Tax Brackets graphic.

Version 5.114 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2024-02-29

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Tax Rate Brackets
  • Add an illustration displaying tax rate brackets. Requires effective-brackets feature key be enabled. US region under Plan Settings/Federal-State Tax Brackets and visible if two or more tax brackets.
NEW- Planned Withdrawal Type
  • We added a scheduled withdrawal type called Annual GMIB and you may now select a Variable Annuity as a source account to schedule withdrawals of GMIB income.
Cash Flow Charts
  • Fixed an issue where Loan Payments and Insurance chart items appeared in the opposite order between AdviserGo and the Report Cash Flow Charts.
  • When a user adds a transfer from an account edit screen, the UI now requires the user define if the account is the target or destination account.
Action Item Report
  • Improved Transfer Reporting for Roth Conversions by listing actual transfer amount and source. Each transfer will correlate to a single action item titled with the target account.

Version 5.113 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2024-02-29

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

  • Added accessibility form controls to the client password input, and an error message if the password is wrong or empty.
  • Fixed a bug where dividends were not included in the dashboard value for Employments on subsequent saves.
Let’s See Charts
  • Fixed a bug where the UI resets the chart type when the user navigates away.
Investment Returns Insight
  • Users can now choose whether to include or exclude cash accounts in the calculation.
Roth Conversion Insight
  • Fixed an issue where a person ID is showing instead of name.
Integration- Pershing
  • Pershing Import Integration is available in Beta. Want to be a beta tester? Contact Voyant Support.

Version 5.112 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2024-01-25

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

New Feature: Generate What-If Plan from Insight Results
  • Currently enabled only for the Longevity Risk and Roth Conversion insights. Click the eponymous button to Create a plan from the results of insights and dive deeper. Coming soon to additional insights.
  • The UI now seamlessly handles changes to transfer events. When converting a recurring transfer to a single event, the start event automatically becomes the single event. The end event is discreetly retained, ready to reappear if the transfer is switched to recurring.
  • Added validation to prevent creating a transfer without a source account
Monte Carlo
  • Corrected an issue where the spouse age was intermittently plotted on the Monte Carlo chart.
Variable Annuities
  • You can now add beneficiaries to variable annuities to allocate payouts on mortality.
  • Variable Annuities now rollover to an IRA of a beneficiary.
Linking Properties from a Debt
  • Resolved an issue where newly linked properties from a debt did not consistently save.
  • Insight results charts will now display results using real money values.
  • Annuity Insight can now be saved to the plan.
  • Roth Conversion Insight can now be saved to the plan.

Version 5.111 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2024-01-11

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Plan Compare
  • Corrected an issue when de-selecting non-liquid assets from both charts in Lets See > Compare Plans > Chart View. The value of the non-liquid assets was incorrectly still included in the pop out figures.
  • Modified the retirement icon to display a Beach Umbrella rather than a Rocking Chair.
  • Update default federal tax brackets to use effective rates from [||smart-link] .

Version 5.110 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2024-01-11

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Account Transfer
  • Account Transfer UI expanded to full page, formerly was a modal.
Salesforce Integration
  • Add Financial Goals and Financial Services Cloud Financial Goals to Import to Voyant.
Life Insurance Loan
  • Add Life Insurance Loan feature. This type of loan may be linked to life insurance with cash value and the cash value of the linked policy functions as the collateral of the loan. It behaves the same as other debt, and has the following characteristics:
    • If the debt value exceeds the cash value, the policy will lapse immediately to pay off the loan.
    • If you surrender an insurance policy pledged against outstanding loans, the cash value will be used to pay off the debt.
    • One insurance policy can be linked to multiple loans, but each loan can only be linked to one policy.
    • If the owner dies with unpaid loans, the death benefit of the policy will be reduced by the loan amount.
Roth Conversion
  • Added support for Roth Conversion with multi-account (qualifying accounts) to single account transfer.

Version 5.109 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-12-14

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Accessibility Improvements
  • A number of accessibility improvements have been made including:
    • Users can now navigate the charts with their keyboard.
    • Screen readers will now announce the legends for the charts.
    • Users can now click on the labels in the charts with the keyboard.
    • Upgraded the charting library used in AdviserGo to provide additional options to address accessibility needs.
    • Corrected multiple table headings and structure.
    • To enhance keyboard navigation, all interactive buttons and links now receive clear visual focus indicators when tabbed through. These indicators may include an underline, a change in font weight, a background color change, or a border around the focused item. This enhancement ensures that keyboard users can easily identify and interact with elements throughout the application.
    • Corrected several roles issues.
Broker Dealer Registration
  • Option available to request and include your firm’s name on registration page for new users; ex. Sign up intended for [YOUR BD Name]financial advisers only.
    • We implemented a refreshed set of icons across our entire product suite, designed to embrace a contemporary design with increased contrast, improving comprehension at a glace. Customized icons are not affected.
    • Enhanced the report bar charts with new event icons and a restructured event representation.
Plan Promotion
  • Addressed items related to promoting the following entities from child plans to base plans.
    • Trusts with Beneficiary Information applies to trusts in Canada, the United States, and Australia.
    • Companies with Common and Preferred Share Ownership:
      • Common share ownership and preferred share ownership percentages for companies in child plans will now be promoted correctly to the base plan.
      • This applies to companies in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
    • Term Life/Whole Life/Protection - Beneficiaries and Maturity Data:
      • Beneficiary percentages for Term Life, Whole Life, and Protection insurance policies in child plans will now be retained when promoted to the base plan.
      • Maturity data for insurance policies in child plans will now be promoted correctly to the base plan.
      • These changes apply to insurance policies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.|
2024 Updates
  • 2024 IRS contribution, threshold and other tables updated. Major updates include IRA contribution increase of $500 from $6,500 to $7,000, and annual gift exclusion increase of $1,000 from $17,000 to $18,000.

Version 5.108 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-11-30

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Annuity Insight
  • Functional updates to Annuity Insight
    • Changed withdrawal limit default to max without penalty.
    • The year after the GMIB (Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit) guarantee age should have the annuity withdrawal limit stepped up from max without penalty to as needed.
    • The Estimated estate value should show the total estate distribution or either the primary person or their spouse depending on who dies last. If the result is still 0 although there are assets in the plan then the wrong estate value is being grabbed.
    • Annuitization payout is now set to joint and survivorship percent is set to 100%.
    • Set the annuity factor to be the specified rate instead of derived and set the annuity rate to the same as the GMIB.
    • GMIB step up should NOT decrease in value each year. The GMIB withdrawal should be the same each year then stepped up to a certain amount and should stay that amount until the next step up (if applicable).
  • Due to a Security determination, Removed two fields from AdviserGo user Profile form- email address and phone number. NOTE that these fields may still be edited by clicking User Badge in upper right corner, then Administration|My User|Edit Profile.

Version 5.107 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-11-30

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Cash Flow Detailed Report
  • The stack order of an Insurance on the Cash Flow Detailed chart has been adjusted to match with the ordering on the PDF report. Previously, Insurance was displayed as the last element in the chart but was listed as the third item in the report.
Sample Clients
  • Advisers can now add sample clients to their AdviserGo accounts with ease. Simply click the Sample Clients tab on the advisor homepage to see a list of pre-created clients that you can add, and optionally, copy and give a custom name. Requires show-sample-client feature key.
    • Click the Sample Clients tab on the advisor homepage.
    • Browse the list of sample clients and click the one you want to add.
    • If a sample client with the same name already exists, you'll be prompted to either create a new copy or navigate to the existing client.
    • If you are creating a new copy, you will be able to specify the client type and first and last name.
    • Click Save to add the client to your account.
Planned Withdrawals
  • Corrected an issue where non-Roth accounts were able to be withdrawn as Max without penalty.
Investment Returns
  • The Investment Returns Insight now includes cash accounts in its calculations.
Roth Accounts
  • Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) accounts now offer early withdrawals without penalty option.
Monte Carlo
  • Monte Carlo Insight in AdviserGo now includes Net Worth Goals and goals created in ClientGo.
Cash Value Life Insurance
  • Cash Value is a form of permanent life insurance that provides lifelong coverage and accumulates cash value over time.
    • *Cash value growth:* A portion of the insurance premium goes to the cash value, which can grow either with a fixed rate or based on a selected portfolio. Real growth rate is limited by a cap, floor, and participation rate.
    • *Withdrawals:* Allow withdrawals from cash value. If the total withdrawal is greater than the cost basis (the total amount contributed to the cash portion), gains will be taxed as ordinary income.
    • *Death benefit:* The death benefit is the maximum value between the cash value on death and the preset death benefit.
    • *Policy input:* You can input a policy manually or upload a CSV file.
Social Security Insight
  • Compare Social Security Benefits by easily adjusting retirement age and life expectancy to maximize benefits. Contact Voyant to enable this feature.
Roth Conversion Insight
  • The new Roth conversion insight allows users to prepare a what-if plan for Roth conversions. This feature allows users to compare the results of a Roth conversion to their original plan, including the impact on their legacy, inheritance, taxes, RMDs, and shortfall saved. Contact Voyant to enable this feature.
Voyant Disclaimer
  • Updated the Voyant default disclaimer in client reports to be more informative.
Custom Market Assumptions
  • Improved the accuracy of correlation coefficients file uploads by adding additional validation.

Version 5.106 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-10-26

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

NEW Insight: Long Term Care
  • Can now model Long Term Care insurance to enhance discussions with your client.
NEW Insight: Disability Insurance
  • Can now model loss of income with disability insurance in a plan.
NEW Ownership Transfer (non-trust accounts)
  • This release implements item ownership transfer functionality for non-trust accounts and investments. This feature allows plan members to gift items to other plan members.
    • Tax implications: When an item is transferred, the original owner may be liable for capital gains tax.
    • Lifetime gift/estate exemption (LTA): Transfers to people in the plan, other than the transferor's spouse, increment the LTA. Transfers to people outside of the plan increment the LTA only if the amount transferred exceeds the annual gift allowance.
    • Jointly owned items: When a jointly owned item is transferred, the LTA is incremented for both owners.
    • Spouse transfers: Transfers to a spouse do not have any LTA or tax implications.
    • Transfers outside of the plan: Transfers to people outside of the plan can currently only be done with property.
  • Added a dual chart view to insights to allow comparison of insight chart to plan chart, and other improvements in design and labelling consistency across insights.
Client Invites
  • Advisors now have the option to deliver the client PIN manually if the client is unable to access the PIN via SMS.

Version 5.105 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-10-26

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Date Format
  • We have updated the input and display of Dates throughout the app to better reflect regional formatting preferences.
Estate Report
  • Debts paid by Insurance are now shown in Legacy and Estate Analysis Reports.

Version 5.104 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-09-28

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

College Search
  • The College Search module has been updated with the most recent data, including tuition and fees from over 6,200 U.S. colleges and universities.
Donor-Advised Funds
  • Allow people to get tax deduction when they contribute to DAF. The fund in DAF can grow tax-free and be donated to charity in the future. The tax deduction rules and other key features are listed below:
    • When we donate cash, we can get a tax deduction up to 60% of AGI.
    • When we donate asset (investment), we can get a deduction up to 30% of AGI. If the asset has gains and we directly transfer it to charity, there won�t be realized gains. If the asset has loss, we may choose to liquidate it to realize the loss and then donate the cash.
    • The unused deduction can be carried forward for up to 5 years.
    • Only allow savings/checking/investment account to transfer to DAF. When transfer from investment account to DAF, we can see an option on the transfer view allowing users to decide whether liquidate the asset before transferring to DAF.
    • The tax deduction first reduce the taxable income (shows under Below Line Deduction), then are applies to adjusted net capital�gain (shows under capital gains deductions).
    • In legacy view, we can see a new field called Total Charitable Impact. The value is the sum of legacy expense the client creates during his lifetime plus the remaining fund in DAF.
    • Cannot withdraw from DAF directly. Only allow DAF to fulfill legacy expense to charity.
    • No tax deduction when using DAF to fulfill charitable expense (Deductions occurs when contributing to DAF).
Roth 401k
  • Fixed a bug where a decimal Roth percentage input resulted in a miscalculation for the Traditional Contribution Percentage
Plan Promotion
  • Outdated Onetime Payments and Pension Drawdowns are removed from plan.

Version 5.103 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-09-28

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

Financial Summary Report
  • Fixed an issue where Chart type selection does not persist after collapsing Customize tab.
  • Transferring and funding of trusts now available using savings or investment accounts and property.
Reverse Mortgage
  • When New Policy is selected, debt balance includes closing fees.
  • Corrected an issue where legacy expense to charity would not generate tax deduction. Now cash donation and asset donation will result in deduction up to 60% and 30% of AGI separately. When the asset to be donated has unrealized gains, we donate the asset directly without liquidation. If the asset has unrealized loss, we liquidate the asset first and then donate the cash. Unused deduction can be carried forward for 5 years.

Version 5.102 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-08-24

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

  • Annuities are now viewable in the Finances list as read-only.
  • The Potential Estate Tax Insight now has a report option to reflect the results of the simulation.
Goal Progress
  • For a property co-owned by a Trust and a Person, corrected the Property linked Goal Progress Calculation by totaling expenses previously apportioned between Trust and another person.
  • Users can now promote items and accounts added in a what-if plan to the base plan. The option to Promote will be visible from Overview | Plan Differences- whenever in a child plan and comparing to the base plan.
  • Fix to update multi events for Onetime Payments.
User Menu
  • Corrected verbiage under User Menu where Preferences was inadvertently replaced with Expand User Menu.

Version 5.101 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-08-24

Other Improvements (AdviserGo unless noted otherwise)

  • Long Term Care Insurance event timing corrected.
  • Support for Traditional Chinese has been added to reports.
Home Application
  • Added new tab under Profile section that allows the user to change the phone number tied to their account.
  • Enhanced security for changing an email by requiring a confirmation code from the new email address.
  • Updated text descriptions and external links in HOME.

Version 5.100 Release Notes - Production Deploy date 2023-07-27

Other Improvements

Reverse Mortgage/Equity Release
  • Reverse Mortgage is now available in AU and US. Equity Release is now available in UK & IE. Advisors can now add this model when creating or editing a property. Advisors can also add it via the plus button under Debts.
Potential Estate Tax Simulation
  • Added a Potential Estate Tax simulation which generates the potential estate tax for every year. If the client has a spouse, we assume the same mortality year to calculate estate tax. This feature is only available on our core environments at this time.
Future Property Purchase and Mortgages
  • Updates to Debt calculations as follows: Present Value Debt Payments are now grown using the Inflation Rate of the linked asset, Debt payments are rounded up to the nearest dollar and last the full term resulting in the final payment being slightly reduced.
Pension Optimization
  • Defined Benefit Pension supports survivorship pre-start event beginning at owner mortality event.
Income vs. Expenditures
  • Income vs. Expenditures includes Legacy gift Expense and Whole Life Insurance expense in the Allocated to Savings section.

Version 5.99 Release Notes | 2023-07-20

New Feature: Tailor Reports to Your Clients' Needs

Our new year selection feature allows you to tailor your detailed reports to your clients' specific needs. This feature provides you with the flexibility to focus on the years that are most important to your clients, rather than generating data for the entire planning horizon.

For example, you can select the years leading up to retirement or the years when they'll be receiving the most benefits. You can also choose to generate data for every 5th year, the first 5 years, only the retirement years, and so on.

To use the new feature, simply select the years you want to include in your report. You can do this by:

  • Entering a range of years in a text box
  • Manually selecting years by utilizing the Timeline
  • Using preset buttons to quickly select common ranges

The new year selection feature is simple to use and further personalizes your guidance.

Other Improvements

Secure 2.0
  • Added the ability to rollover a 529 into a Roth IRA account.
Plan Facts Report
  • Fixed stray bracket appearing in Properties-Liquidation/Sale section
  • Added annotation to indicate an amount is present or future value
Other Incomes and Windfalls
  • Taxation type is moved before the Tax Status on screen.
  • Tax Status is only shown if the taxation type is not capital gains.
Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  • Added support to incorporate Traditional and Simplified Chinese language in Financial Overview, Retirement Summary, Fact Find and Plan Facts and Assumptions reports
Retirement Summary Report
  • Updated Retirement Summary report to show the correct Lump Sum amount and year.
Investment Accounts
  • Investment Account steps now adjusted to use dividend and interest yield rates
Variable Annuity
  • Changes to the withdrawal limit for a Variable Annuity are now reflected in the withdrawal limit on the Steps tab (and vice versa).
Custom Market Assumptions
  • Added notification when the subscription preferences asset allocation is out of sync with new default market assumptions.
  • Added better error handling for when a user changes the default Custom Market Assumptions with incompatible investment classes.
HOME Application
  • Accessibility Improvements
  • Added enforcement of required fields.

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