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Join us for a face to face training session presented by a Voyant trainer. We offer two different training sessions


Introductory Session

10:00am - 3pm GMT Cost 120 per person

This is intended to be an introductory session for new users or those who would like a refresher. These will be 'hands on' sessions. Attendees should bring a laptop with Voyant Adviser already installed and should have watched the Voyant Introductory webinar prior to attending. We will build a case from scratch in Voyant Adviser, create various what if scenarios and run simulations and discuss how to produce printed reports. The focus will be on inputting to build a robust Base plan and what if scenarios, interpreting the charts and understanding the outputs. We will also look at the functionality available in Adviser Go. These sessions will run from 10am to 2.30pm, including lunch, which is included in the cost.

Advanced Session

10am to 1pm GMT Cost 100 per person

The more advanced sessions are aimed at users who have already familiar with the software. These sessions use case studies to focus on presenting live to clients with particular emphasis on demonstrating how your advice adds value. We will discuss how to use what if scenarios and simulation tools with particular reference to topics such as retirement income planning and inheritance tax planning. Attendees will not need to bring laptops to these sessions. We will look at both Voyant Adviser and Adviser Go. These sessions will run from 10am to 1pm, followed by lunch which is included in the cost.