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What can Voyant do for you?

Voyant helps advisers and clients plan and adapt to real life events, before, during and after they happen. It's interactive, easy to use, and collaborative, meaning advisers and clients can work together to make smarter, more tangible financial decisions. With Voyant, you get all the information you need to answer every "what-if" scenario.

Goal-based, interactive planning for everyone

Simple but powerful, we're transforming the way people save, spend and retire. From retirement planning to buying a new home, Voyant's interactive planning tools help users visualise their financial future, test different scenarios and instantly understand the impact of key decisions on life events along the way.

How it works


Easily create and update plans using our intuitive interface.


Forecast your client's income, assets and liabilities throughout their lifetime, showing the impact of small changes.


Anticipate bumps in the road and "what-if" scenarios, visualising their impact on future goals.


Connect with clients and other financial team members, working in tandem to plan for the future.


Provide a more personalised client experience, with customised tools, services or branding.


Share plans with clients and adviser teams without sacrificing the security of your data

"Voyant has transformed the way we work with our clients and the way they think about their future."

RICHARD ANDERSON | Head of Lloyds Wealth Planning and Advice

Join the thousands of advisers using Voyant today