Oct 2013

Bellpenny Choose Voyant Financial Planning Technology

National adviser firm, Bellpenny, today announced that it has selected 'Voyant Adviser' as its financial planning tool for the Company's professional advisers and wealth managers.

Aug 2013

Voyant Supplying St. James Place Wealth Managers

Voyant today announced that it will supply its 'Voyant Adviser' planning tool to St. James's Place Wealth Management.

Sep 2012

Voyant Launches Intelligent Fact-Find Technology

Financial planning technology specialist Voyant UK today announced the launch of its new 'fillable' fact-find technology, which allows seamless transfer of client-specific data from a .PDF file into the Voyant Adviser solution.

July 2012

Voyant in Touch with its Users

Voyant UK today announced the launch of its new 'touch-friendly' optimised user interface. With rapid growth in the tablet and 'touch-based systems' market, Voyant UK has worked with its 500+ user firms to develop a whole new user experience which delivers enhanced presentational capabilities and performance.

June 2012

Voyant UK Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Record Growth

Financial planning technology specialist Voyant UK today celebrated its 3rd year anniversary with record growth. Since June last year the company has seen a 125% increase in user numbers with over 520 adviser firms now subscribers of the Voyant Adviser online cashflow planning solution. Together with many smaller 'new model adviser' firms, Voyant is also used by major names such as UBS, Novia, Close Brothers, SG Hambros and Broadstone.

April 3 2012

We are not here by accident

Whether you are uncomfortable with the way your firm's advisers match investment to client's needs or you simply want to confirm that you are 'on track', this workshop promises a practical, entertaining, independent and international perspective on investment suitability best practice.

February 13 2012

Voyant today announced its integration with Seven Investment Management (7IM)'s award winning adviser platform.

The newly integrated service will allow 7IM users to create and update financial plans in Voyant Adviser without the need to re-enter client information. Integration is seamless and in real time.

September 21 2011

New Technology Platform For Voyant : First 'Enterprise' Solution Now In Beta

Financial planning technology experts Voyant today announced the launch of its 'Canvas' technology platform which will support a new generation of 'Enterprise' solutions. First to go live will be 'SnapShot', an online aggregation hub providing 'one view' portfolio access across a client's investments, assets and liabilities.

July 2011

Monthly IFA service plans make sense

I am stunned by all of the talk of 3 per cent upfront charges and 0.5 per cent for ongoing maintenance. Surely this is counterintuitive to modern business culture and creates a significant barrier of entry for clients?

July 2011

Voyant top-rated 2011 e-Excellence Financial Planning Tool by F&TRC

Voyant received 39 5-Star rankings and 73 4-Star rakings in the F&TRC's 2011 e-Excellence in Financial Planning Ratings.

4th May 2011

Voyant Launches Market Crash / Loss Capacity Simulator for Quality of Advice

Leading financial planning application supplier, Voyant today announced the launch of a market crash simulator, designed to give advisers the ability to examine a client's capacity for loss, within its 'Voyant Adviser' online planning solution.

16th Mar 2011

Voyant/Finametrica Alliance Sets New Bar for Quality of Advice

Leading financial planning application suppliers, Voyant and FinaMetrica, today announced an alliance to provide financial planners and wealth managers with the ultimate, best of breed financial planning and risk profiling platform.

2nd Feb 2011

SGPB Hambros Chooses Voyant

Voyant UK, a leading provider of financial intelligence platforms, today announced it has been selected by SGPB Hambros, one of the world's leading private banking groups, as its 'preferred' front end financial planning solution.

20th Jan 2011

Voyant to grow IFA role

Software provider Voyant has pledged to expand its IFA side of the business with more staff and products to support advisers through the retail distribution review.

3rd Nov 2010

MASECO chooses Voyant for international clients

MASECO Private Wealth (MASECO) has chosen platform intelligence provider Voyant UK to deliver financial planning strategies to its international clients.

Sep 2010

Voyant rated 2010 e-Excellence Financial Planning Tool by F&TRC

Voyant received 23 PPP and PP+ ratings in the F&TRC's 2010 e-Excellence in Financial Planning Ratings.

August 4th 2010

Aurora firms link with Voyant software

Members of the Aurora Group of financial planners have named Voyant UK their preferred cashflow modelling software provider.

9th Jun 2010

AXA Elevate to provide financial planning support through partnership with Voyant Adviser

AXA Wealth announces a new partnership with software developer Voyant to provide financial planning support for users of the Elevate platform.

3rd Jun 2010

Voyant launches web-based financial planning tool

The service, Voyant@Home, is designed to assist intermediaries wishing to offer fee-based advice under the new FSA's retail distribution review regime.

27th May 2010

Voyant launches interactive client planning and portfolio managment service

Voyant UK, a provider of financial intelligence platforms, today announced the launch of 'Voyant@Home', a new web-based service allowing adviser users to work interactively with clients on all aspects of their financial planning

27th May 2010

Voyant launches interactive planning tool

Voyant has launched a web-based service it claimed would serve as both an adminstrative and client educational tool.

15th October 2009

Voyant Adviser Development Solves Industry Disconnect

Voyant UK today announces a significant enhancement to Voyant Adviser, the UK-specific web based financial planning platform, that aims to solve one of the biggest disconnects in the financial services industry.

6 October 2009

Voyant announces Private Cloud Services

Leveraging Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Voyant Offers Secure, Reliable and Flexible Solutions for Financial Institutions AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 6, 2009 – Voyant today became the first financial planning software provider to offer customers dedicated enterprise services using Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

24th September 2009

Together in Harmony

Tell me about the Voyant Adviser tool? The best way to describe the tool is as a collaborative cash flow modelling tool. It invites the adviser and their client to work together to enter information regarding the client's key financial goals and aspirations. (1.6MB)

14 September 2009

Voyant Virtual Plan Builder

Voyant’s Plan Builder helps enterprises bridge the gap between standalone financial calculators and the Voyant financial planning platform. Leveraging an XML API, Plan Builder abstracts the complexity of application integration, providing seamless data and transaction flow between third-party planning tools and Voyant financial plans – from the input of consumer data on one end, to the calculations, simulations, and recommendation engines on the other.

14 September 2009

Voyant Launches Virtual Private Cloud Services

As an extension of its current Amazon Web Services(AWS) offering leveraging the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2) and Amazon EC2 Europe environments, Voyant and its United Kingdom subsidiary, Voyant UK, will offer dedicated enterprise services using Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) deployment.

8 June 2009

The Best Online Tools for Personal Finance

Another site, Planwithvoyant.com, from Voyant Inc. of Austin, Texas, helps investors forecast the impact of unforeseen events. Step-by-step wizards guide you through the initial preparation of a financial plan, such as identifying your goals and entering income information and expenses.

26th March 2009

Portfolio tools: The Americans are coming

I have enjoyed reviewing several of the financial planning tools that are on the market over the past few weeks. The demand for these tools is growing as they help to address some of the current business issues - they support the drive to fees, help identify and explain lifestyle risk and can help intermediaries to provide better advice. (1MB)

20th March 2009

Voyant Adviser launches in the UK

Lifestyle and cash flow planning tool Voyant Adviser has launched in the UK, allowing advisers to take into account the effect of their client’s property-related decisions such as equity release and mortgage debt protection.