So many ways to plan


forecast clients' income and expenses, as well as their assets and liabilities, throughout their lifetime


determine how to invest current assets and future savings based on financial goals, a client's attitude towards risk, and their current financial position.


develop a plan aimed at minimizing the amount of tax payable while complying with all the tax legislation in effect.


Demonstrate how to eliminate uncertainties and maximize the value of an estate by reducing taxes and other expenses.


supports secure sharing of information with designated community members

What's New in Voyant

We are pleased to announce that our first Advanced Voyant Users Workshop will be held on 27 November 2014

A new Fillable Fact Find is available for download. We don't intend to entirely replace data entry with this importable fact find, but most of the key items needed to create a client case in Voyant can be imported and used as the foundation for a new client case.

Improved layout of the detailed tax info screen and reports - tax paid in each tax band is now detailed with contributions to personal pension now shown as extending the basic rate band.

Created a separate chart view for Liquid Non-Pension Assets

A new, simplified UI is here. You still have access to the more advanced features, but it's all neatly tucked away until you need it.

A line showing the total basic expenses in each year can now be shown on the Cashflow charts. This line simply shows the total for all expenses categorized as Basics.

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